Submit your BioTreks abstracts by 23 March!

We’re now accepting abstract submissions for the 2018 issue of BioTreks!  Please complete an Abstract Submission Form for each manuscript your team plans on preparing for the upcoming issue.

Be aware that all mentors and authors must be registered with the BioConverse prior to submitting the Abstract Submission Form.  You’ll need your BioConverse user IDs to complete the form.

BioConverse is a new online forum that we’ve created to host the 28 April BioTreks Conference and provide helpful tutorials on scientific writing and the peer review process.  Since BioConverse uses the same environment as in previous years, returning students and mentors will be able to use their existing BioTreks user ID and password to access the new community portal.

As a BioConverse member, you’ll automatically receive important updates related to the 2018 BioTreks publication cycle and other community events.