BioTreks will begin charging nominal registration and publication fees in 2021

Dear Students and Mentors,

At BioTreks we aspire to provide participants with a highly polished and lasting record of their research that can be shared with peers and referenced in college and job applications long after they’ve graduated from high school.  

This year, we’d like to improve the quality and durability of our publication by assigning editors to work closely with each of the teams, hiring professional proofreaders and designers to standardize journal content, and assigning an internationally-recognized digital object identifier (DOI) to each article.

Unfortunately, annual donations have never been enough for us to sustain this level of professional support and, despite the journal’s popularity in recent years, we’re often forced to scrape by with contributions from a few individuals who are close to the program. 

Although we had hoped to avoid charging teams to participate in the program, we’ve concluded that BioTreks will be unsustainable without turning to our participants for support. Therefore, we’ll be asking teams to contribute $60 for each manuscript they submit to the 2021 BioTreks conference and another $90 for each paper that’s accepted for publication in the journal. 

The $60 fee will be due at registration, which opens on 1 March and extends through 9 April. However, the $90 publication charge won’t be assessed until after 28 June, when the editors accept finished drafts for publication.

We realize that it may be difficult for some teams to cover these costs and don’t want the fees to prevent anyone from participating in the program.  Therefore, we’ll be happy to work with individual groups to adjust or waive these expenses based on their needs. 

However, we do hope that as a new or returning team member, you’ll understand and support our goal of establishing an equitable and sustainable source of funding for BioTreks in the years to come.  


David Rozak