Introducing a new venue for the 2019 BioTreks conference

Since 2016, we’ve been hosting the BioTreks peer review conference on Breezio, a highly capable online platform that allows participants to review and discuss user-submitted content.

However, most BioTreks teams prefer to daft their manuscripts on Google Docs before uploading them to Breezio for the conference. This is because many students are already familiar with Google environment, which makes it easy for classrooms to share, edit ,and comment on the same document.

Therefore, rather than requiring teams to upload their manuscripts to the Breezio platform, we plan to hold this year’s BioTreks conference directly on Google Drive! The Google environment will provide a richer experience by allowing authors, reviewers, and judges to:

  • Comment on and respond to comments on selected text;
  • Suggest specif line-in/line-out edits to manuscripts;
  • Track the changes that have been made to the documents;
  • Discuss the manuscripts face-to-face using Google Hangouts.

We’re hoping that this will lead to a more dynamic and rewarding peer review experience for all participants.

Join us for BioTreks 2019 by submitting your synthetic biology abstracts online prior to 30 March!