Judges needed to help review high school synthetic biology manuscripts!

BioTreks is a high school synthetic biology journal that gives students exposure to scientific writing and peer review. The annual publication encourages student authors to experience scientific writing by reviewing and commenting on each other’s manuscripts synthetic biology during an 11 May online event. Career scientists play a central role in this process by setting the tone for constructive reviews and judging teams on their writing and participation.

Students submitted a record-breaking 21 manuscripts to BioTreks this year and we desperately need motivated judges to help us evaluate the students and their submissions.

Judging takes place online and generally on your own time. This year judges will have from 3-31 May to review up to four student-submitted papers. During this time, the judges will join other students, mentors, and visitors in commenting on the papers and recommending revisions. They will also evaluate the students on their writing and peer review skills so that teams can be recognized for outstanding performance on different aspects of scientific publishing.

We’re looking for career scientists to make BioTreks a rewarding experience for our young authors. Please send us your email to learn about the judging process!