Register to present your research at BioTreks 2021!


If you’d like to share your high school synthetic biology research at the 8 May BioTreks conference, please complete the simple online registration form prior to 10 April. Papers that are presented at the conference will undergo a month-long peer-review process and have the opportunity to be published in our October 2021 issue of BioTreks.

The registration form invites you to propose a title and abstract for your paper along with the name and email address of a teacher or mentor. You’ll also be asked to pay a $60 registration fee to help cover the costs of this year’s conference.

The title should provide a concise description of your paper and be accompanied by a 300 word or less abstrstract that summarizes the key findings of your synthetic biology research.

Papers can present unique perspectives on synthetic biology, describe your overall design for biological device, or report on relevant laboratory research or methodologies. You can find more details on organizing and writing your manuscript in the Author’s Guide.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the conference or feel your group will have trouble covering the registration fee. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to present and publish their research online.


David Rozak