What’s next for publishing your BioTreks manuscript?

By now, everyone who registered to participate in the 2022 BioTreks program should have received links to the Google Doc that they’ll be using to draft their manuscripts and the Google Directory in which they can deposit the high resolution graphics and videos that will be used in their papers.

As an author or a mentor, you’ll be able to access the Google manuscript in Edit Mode, which means that you can make unrestricted changes to the document. However, on Saturday, 30 April, your access will change from Edit to Suggestion Mode and your draft manuscript will be shared with judges and other teams for review and comment. Therefore, you should plan to have completed a working draft of your paper by this date.

When in Suggestion Mode, authors and mentors will still be able to make changes to their documents. However, all of their changes will be rendered as red-line edits so that reviewers can see how the teams are updating their manuscript in response to their questions and comments.

Even though judges and other teams will be able to review and comment on your article until Saturday, 28 May, when the paper will be locked in its final form, authors, mentors, and judges are all encouraged to be online from 1030 AM – 1230 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, 7 May so that you can review and comment on each others papers in real time.

Please make plans to gather as a team during this time so that you can help review this year’s BioTreks articles and respond to the questions that others are posting on your own paper.